CEC Subject Areas

The following list is meant as a guide to possible subject areas you may wish to focus on during your professional development activities.


  • spending time with an aboriginal elder learning about protocol
  • attending an in-house session on how town/city Council works
  • working on a committee to develop and implement a national Continuing Education Certification Program
  • attending a webinar on effective questionnaire design
  • attending a Board Development Session at ALC
  • reading a book or article on organizational theory

 Human Resources (including) Staffing, Training and Mentoring

  • attending a webinar on interviewing techniques
  • reading the 8R’s report
  • attending a discussion group on mentoring
  • reading an article on how to motivate staff

 Advocacy/ Marketing/ PR

  • present a paper on marketing techniques for your library
  • attend a webinar on fund-raising
  • read an article on lobbying techniques
  • learning how to make Posters in PowerPoint

 Leadership/ Innovation

  • read a book about leadership in tough economic times
  • attend a workshop on leadership skills
  • spending time talking with a mentor about an innovative project

 Technical services

  • learning how to apply metadata
  • reading an article about rare books cataloguing
  • presenting a session on a how a new catalogue works
  • taking a secondment into a technical-services job
  • attending a session on license negotiation

 Public services

  • attending a class on dealing with difficult people
  • learning a new database (in-class, tutorial, spend an hour trying things in it)
  • orientation to a new public service desk
  • attending a story-telling workshop
  • attend an audio-conference on readers’ advisory services
  • shadowing at a service desk as a learning exercise


  • attending Teachers’ Convention
  • attending a webinar on learning styles
  • publishing an article on integrating e-books into course design
  • taking a post-secondary course on instructional design
  • observing a master-teacher
  • attending the Augustana Information Literacy in Academic   Libraries Workshop


  • attending a vendor update session
  • attending the CLA Collection Management and Development Pre-Conference Workshop
  • read an article that compares two competing products


  • attending an in-house session on new photocopiers
  • developing and presenting a conference paper on “library as   space”
  • reading an article on the impact of ergonomics on library users’ experience

 Technology Skills

  • attending a conference session on new instructional technology
  • taking a class on using RSS feeds or other social networking products
  • learning how to use your PDA to download resources
  • in-house training on how to use a new system for creating web-pages

 Subject knowledge

  • someone working in a law library taking a distance-education legal terminology class
  • attending session on searching newspapers for genealogical information
  • horticulture librarian attending a master gardeners’ class
  • developing a subject web-page in an area new to you
  • school librarian attending a session on boys’ and girls’ reading habits and preferences

 General knowledge

  • attend a time management seminar
  • listen to an audio conference on stress management
  • attend a class in Spanish language
  • work through a tutorial for new desktop
  • watching a television program about great libraries of the world
  • attending author talks

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