CEC Learning Activities

CEC Learning Activities

CEC Activities should be recorded using the Record of Learning Activities.

There are only 3 rules to keep in mind as you plan your activities:

  • A total of 120 points must be earned over the three year period.
  • The suggested number of points earned each year is 30.
  • The suggested maximum number of points that can be recorded annually for an activity is 20.
Type of Activity Point Allocation

Professional Development – Formal

Courses or learning activities that are formally evaluated and contribute to your professional learning.

Examples include (but are not limited to) credit courses, certification, diploma or degree, secondment.


2 points per hour

Professional Development – Informal

Courses or learning activities that are not formally evaluated with content that contributes to your professional learning.  These may be offered by your institution, an outside organization, or can be self-directed.

Examples include (but are not limited to) Education Institute courses and webinars, conferences and seminars, professional reading in any of the Learning Categories.


1 point per hour

Publications/Presentations – Formal

The research and writing of articles for refereed journals, monographs and industry publications, and associated presentations.


2 points per hour

Publications/Presentations – Informal

The preparation and presentation of original work in the form of lectures and papers, facilitation or presentation where you are responsible for the development of the content and the preparation involves learning for you.  Repeat presentations with the same content or routine staff trainings sessions, for example, do not qualify for CEC points. 

Examples include (but are not limited to): Conference presentations, leading a workshop, presentation to your board or leadership group.


1 point per hour

Leadership – Organization and Community

Involvement in a committee, project, initiative or volunteer opportunity that requires new learning for you and contributes to your professional development.

Examples include (but are not limited to): Volunteer Board member for a Partnership Library Association, position on the community Freedom to Read committee, leadership of a research or service improvement project in your workplace.


Committee = 1 point per hour


Board Member = 2 points per hour

Personal Study Project

A self-directed learning activity by which you update or extend your knowledge and/or skills in a specific area through reading and study.  The topic may relate immediately to your workplace or you may wish to engage in a study plan as a precursor to further formal study.  Materials should be authoritative and you may also choose to participate actively in face-to-face or online discussion groups as part of a personal study project.  To undertake a Personal Study Project:

  • Decide on topic and acquire necessary materials;
  • Set learning goals (discuss with mentor if desired);
  • Study and analyze materials;
  • Record your learning outcomes for CEC points and retain for audit purposes.


1 point per hour

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