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What is the Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) Program?

The CEC program is designed to offer a standardized way to measure and track continuing education (CE) activities, and to receive recognition for sustained CE activity over a three year period.

The Partnership's CEC program is not mandatory, and is therefore less formal than some professions such as medicine or education, which require that their members keep themselves up-to-date with their field. As a voluntary program, participants' activities and areas of subject concentration will vary widely. This program aims to offer a way for all library staff and their employers to guage progress and achievement in professional development over time.

Continuing Education Certification Programs exist for library workers in other countries, such as England and Australia, and for some special librarian groups, for example the Medical Library Association.


What does it cost to register for the program?

The CEC program administration fee is $40. Go to the Registration page to sign up!


What is The Partnership?

The Partnership is Canada's national network of provincial and territorial library associations. This group has jointly undertaken a number of projects for the benefit of all member associations.

Some successful projects of The Partnership include the Education Institute, the Library Job Board and Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library Information Practice and Research.


Who is is involved in organizing the CEC program?

The CEC program is run by a national committee that includes a small steering group and a member from each of The Partnership associations. The national committee also mobilizes volunteer mentors who assist participants with planning their CE activities as necessary.

Who can sign up for the CEC program?

Members in good standing of any Partnership association who pay the registration fee may participate.

Can I join any time?

Yes, registrations are taken year round.

How will I know when  I am registered?

You will be contacted by a member of the CEC national committee once your registration is processed.

What kind of things can I count as learning activities?

You can count any work-related activity in which you learn. For example, Learning Activities include attending a conference, publishing a paper, undertaking some private study, doing some in-house training, teaching or taking a course. The categories for types of activities, and CEC points for each, can be found at learning activities page. You may count a maximum of 20 points per year from any activity type. Since the minimum points per year is 30, this means that you must score points in more than one activity type each year.

Do I have to learn in particular subject areas?

Your learning should be library or information-related. We have provided a list of suggested subject areas, but your activities are not limited to this list. If you are unsure, consider seeking the advice of a mentor. This may be a supervisor, or someone else you know, whose experience could be useful to you in deciding the course of your CE activities. If you would like to have a mentor assigned to you, contact the CEC national committee representative from your association.

When will I be able to start recording my Continuing Education activities?

As soon as you have registered.  Continuing Education activities undertaken before you enroll will not be counted.

How will I report my continuing education activities?

You will record each continuing education activity that you undertake in a Record of Learning Activities in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Once the three years are completed, you will be issued a CEC certificate, provided that all the requirements have been met.

Do I have to tell my employer that I’m taking part in this program?

When you first register we encourage you to fill out the introductory letter for employers and send it to your supervisor. This program is a benefit of membership in your Library Association and is designed to encourage members to take responsibility for their own learning and skills improvement.  However you may wish to involve your employer or supervisor as a mentor, or keep them up to date with your CE activities.

Do I have to be employed to take part in this program?

No, you just have to be a member in good standing of a Partnership member association.

What will happen at the end of the three years?

People who have completed the requirements for the program and turned in their documentation will receive a certificate of completion.

Will anyone recognize my certificate?

The Continuing Education Certification Program is a national program sponsored by The Partnership. Promotion of the program will bring it to the attention of all association members and employers in Canada. Although no employer currently requires their staff to enrol, we expect the significance of completing this 3 year program to the awarding of a certificate will be well appreciated by employers across the country.

Can I use this certificate in place of a Technician’s Certificate or other Post-Secondary certificates?

No, this certificate is an informal  way to document and reveal activities that you have undertaken to stay-up-to-date, after your highest level of formal education. 

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